Leaders in Luxury and the first swimwear brand to incorporate Fine Jewelry. The structure and cuts at MY BFF SWIM are influenced by feminists and activists of our past, the woman who fall into faiytales and envisions themselves as characters out of a movie where they are the star. Simplicity and detailed charms make the perfect staple bikini. My BFF SWIM re-imagined the swimsuit when incorporating Freshwater and Japanese Akoya Pearls. The brand continues to successfully deliver the essence of elegance as a new defined avenue in the swimwear industry.

Meet Your New Best Friend

MY BFF SWIM is a global online destination for luxury swimwear incorporating Fine Jewelry. MY BFF SWIM can be found in the most prestigious retail stores around the world such as Galeries Lafayette Doha, Qatar. The largest collection of MY BFF SWIM & Fine Jewelry can be found right here on MYBFFSWIM.com.

“If you love luxury you’ll love my bikinis. I get really excited when a bikini fits me just right. It is very important for me to understand my customer. Not one body is the same and I am on a mission to get to know everyBODY! I would encourage my customers to email feedback explaining what makes them happy. Feeling like you want to spend an entire day in MY BFF SWIM is the goal. I love interacting with MY BFF’s and getting to understand what they like & where they find comfort in a bikini. MY BFF SWIM is my baby and I am watching it flourish as I pour more love into it. We launched in 2019 and our bold choice in fabric really spoke to beach babes around the world. I am very grateful for the response I’ve received and I am optimistic for what’s to come. Feel free to email me at m@mimitohme.com. Sending my love and blessing”- Mimi Tohme, Founder.

Mimi Tohmé

A Lebanese designer born & raised in Southern California. At a young age, Mimi Tohmè started researching the eras of glamour, studying the decades of fashion & the history of costume design. Mimi is inspired by the women who have shifted society's views on femininity by their bravery. She admires confidence and charisma & feels as though she owes it to those activists & feminists of the past for knocking down the doors laid out in front of her today. Mimi was taught to never settle for anything less than butterflies. Her grandmother Georgette Tohmè was a woman who was known for her talent as a seamstress & designer. The legacy lives on as Mimi is now designing pieces to share with other women. Communicating through her designs, Mimi translates grace and elegance in every piece which then transcends her fantasy into our reality.