Sophisticated femininity, a passion to transfer Pearl energy, bringing imagination, innocence, and purity.

Founder & Designer 
Derived from the noun "Margarin", the name Margaret meaning 'Pearl' - nicknamed Mimi.
Tohmè descends from a Family Legacy of Mediterranean Artists with over one hundred years of experience in Gold & Fine Jewelry. 
She founded My BFF Diamond in 2017 manufacturing for other jewelry designers, collaborating with on-brand artists, as well as selling her own jewelry designs.

On her Mothers side, Georgette Tohmè, was a seamstress and raised her granddaughter around her sewing machine. 
Mimi launched My BFF Swim in 2019 as the first swimwear line to incorporate high-end pearls and fine jewelry. 
She was able to incorporate her history in precious stones with her knowledge in design.