Heavily influenced by the structural designs of vintage swimwear, My BFF Swim reimagines the swimsuit by incorporating Freshwater and Japanese Akoya Pearls.

Mimi has successfully delivered the essence of elegance in a newly dened era. The impact of her family's legacy, with over one hundred years of experience in Fine Jewelry carries the greatest importance to her and will be clear to us all in every design she reinvents.

Her passion to pursue upscale swimwear lead her to launch My BFF Swim in 2019. The cut and sew swim materials and handmade pearls are sourced and developed in Southern California. The Brand was quick to catch the eyes of many, cultivating a “It Girl” following. Editors began developing interest and after some press, her Paulette signature pearl set has evolved into a day or night staple piece.

The expert curator is named after her father's mother Margaret, who is also head of the family jewelers. Margaret was then nicknamed, Mimi Tohmè, taking the last name of her other grandmother, seamstress and designer, Georgette Tohmè.